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PT Ganesha Aggies Jaya is inviting professionals to fill in the following positions:

1. Native Speaker English Consultant (please click to apply online)  

Job Description

  1. Language Training: English for Special Purposes (ESP)

A Associates need to understand:

    1. legalese and how to avoid using it except in formal documents which will or have been signed;
    2. formal vs informal language and when it is appropriate to use which;
    3. the basics, especially the differences between English and Bahasa Indonesia, e.g. verb tense and aspect, articles, word order etc;
    4. vocab: legal terminology; general usage in emails and letters; the different meanings of loan words etc.

Associates are grouped according to when they joined the firm, not proficiency level and meet once a week in a Teams session.

B. Staff

Members of staff include secretaries and accounting etc. So they need English for emails and letters, both formal and informal, about administrative matters as well as notices, notifications and announcements . Staff are grouped according to gender, but the once a week , Teams training sessions can and often are mixed.

  1. Editing

The law firm's clients are foreign companies or foreign investors in Indonesian companies, so English is used for all communications and documents , and they have to be checked and corrected to make sure they are in standard English (American or British, depending on the client). The lawyers' explanations also need to be as simple and clear as possible. They have had little or no previous training in translation , so they translate from Indonesian word-for-word using an online dictionary . The consultant is free to make any changes needed to make the message clear and the language appropriate . They can even include restructuring sentences and paragraphs. All changes are shown in tracked changes in MS Word attachments or a different colour in Outlook emails then sent back to the associate or member of staff. If the meaning of the original is not clear, the words are underlined and highlighted in yellow or another colour with a ? placed next to them to which the sender is expect to reply with clarification or confirmation.

  1. Testing

Every three months, all the associates (not partners) and staff should take an English proficiency test created by the consultant. Since the test is shared online and the answers are submitted online, a new test is needed each time. The tests for the associates and for the staff are different.

  1. Record keeping

The Outlook software has sent and deleted files. MS Word files, PP slide presentations , and Excel files are first saved to the Firms' files in the consultant's PC's memory before being sent back to the sender or shared (for training) through Outlook. They can then be deleted as all files are saved to the Cloud (OneDrive) . Monthly attendance records and test results must be submitted to the partners.


This is not an 8 - 5 job. Most of the work involves editing communications and translated documents . The litigation lawyers are often in court, so they usually submit their work late in the day as do interns and junior associates as they have deadlines and checking their English is the last step in the procedure. However, while they need their work to be returned as soon as possible, even late in the day, there are often pauses in mid-morning and mid­ afternoon when nothing arrives in the Outlook inbox.







2. Financial Procurement Analyst (please click to apply online)  


Key duties and responsibilities may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Tasks to Support Financial & Administrative Tracking and Reporting:
  • Perform procurement functions and negotiate best prices with vendors. Provide documentation of vendor costs in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Monitor and prepare yearly reports on the location and condition of Government Funded Equipment (GFE)
  • Assess, monitor and control Network projected spending and actual expenditures against budget of all the supplies
  • Reviews Expense Reports (EA’s) and send them to Finance Manager for approval
  • Process payments for all approved EA’s
  • Assist in preparation of monthly financial reports for submission to Prodia/PTG by the 5th of every month.
  • Maintain project financial files
  • Perform other office, and financial duties as directed by the Finance & Administrative Manager.
  • Coordinate and support the financial management and other business operations activities for all current and future studies supported by the Network:

Required Qualifications, Skills and Experience

  • BS/ BA degree from accredited university and a minimum of 5 years of experience
  • Strong knowledge of clerical and administrative procedures and systems such as filing and record keeping
  • Strong knowledge of principles and practices of basic project management
  • Fluent in Bahasa Indonesia and English languages, both written and verbal
  • Self-organized with a strong sense of prioritization. Must be comfortable working in fast- paced environment
  • Strong interpersonal skills and customer service orientation
  • Strong negotiation and analytical skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • High level of proficiency in Microsoft business applications, Excel and Word
  • High level of accuracy and attention to details
  • The ability to competently and independently manage all of the Duties and Responsibilities with minimal guidance and supervision.